John Epler
April 15 1795 - May 26 1876

John Epler

John Epler while living in Indiana was among the many who took their produce to New Orleans in the flat boats. His opinions against slavery were formed because of the treatment received in the auction sales. In 1831 he moved to Morgan county, Illinois and became a successful farmer. In his yard, near the house stood a pear tree which bore from sixty to a hundred bushels of pears at one time. the relatives who visited him during watermelon season never forgot the watermelons that were stored in his cellar. He was buried in Zion cemetery, near the farm home.

Children of John and Sarah Beggs Epler
Charles Beggs Eplerb. Dec 1 1819;m. Mary Eliza Lurton Feb 22 1843;He d. Aug 8 1855
Abram Eplerb. Oct 19 1821;d. Aug 5 1847
Cyrus Eplerb. Nov 12 1823;m. Cornelia A. Nettleton;d. Jul 9 1909
Mary Ann Eplerb. Feb 5 1826;m. Richard F. Barrett;d. Apr 23 1849
Sarah Eplerb. Jun 4 1828;m. D. W. Fairbank Aug 21 1850;d. Mar 27 1904
Elizabeth Eplerb. Sep 23 1830;m. Henry H. Hall Feb 4 1851;She d. Apr 1 1870; Both buried in Virginia, Illinois
John Milton Eplerb. Apr 22 1833;m. Nancy A. Epler Mar 29 1855;He d. Feb 17 1913
William Eplerb. Apr 15 1835;m. Jane Abigail Woodmen Apr 12 1859;She d. Oct 2 1863 at Star City, Nevada;2 m. Ellen M. Conover Jul 5 1870
David Eplerb. Jul 7 1837;d. Sep 9 1838
Myron Leslie Eplerb. Jun 2 1839;d Sep 5 1866 of consumption in Helena, Montana
Margaret Ellen Eplerb. Jun 27 1842;m. John W. Prince Jun 27 1865;d. 1910
Albert Gallatin Eplerb. Jan 22 1845;m. Martha J. Vance Jul 31 1865;Now resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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