Klondike Diary 1898-1899
Robert Hunter McCreary
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Monday January 24 1898
Left home on noon train 11:48 oclock with Mumma, Laura May and Harry who left us at Natrona. Got draft cashed by S. E. & Co. Bought revolver from Browns, saw Freeman Harris and F. H. Baldridge. Took supper with Aunt Martha. Left Allegheny City 7:30 PM took day coach. Took final good bye from my good wife Laura my little treasure Laura May, Lilly Gillen, F. H. Baldridge and son Arthur.

Tuesday January 25 1898
Arrived at Chicago 8:00 AM Spent the day took dinner and supper with Rev. Dr. W. A. Sadtler at Davises 6132 Prairie Ave, called on Mr and Mrs Jas. Johnson in afternoon at 6336 Green St found him to be a Bro. F. A. & M gave me some very valuable information on Gold digging. Left for St. Paul 10:20 PM on C. M. & St P.

Wednesday January 26 1898
Arrived in St Paul 10:30 AM left for Seattle on 4:40 PM train. Took out ins - [ ] in Hartford Co. for four days beginning at 4 PM this day for $3000.00. Took Northern Pacific Rwy.

Thursday January 27 1898
Spent all day on train.

Friday January 28 1898
Passed through Helena Mont at 9 oclock AM All day on train.

Saturday January 29 1898
Arrived at Seattle at 2 PM met at train by Mr Knapp and Mr Wise who had secured room for me with them at Mrs Fredericks corner 16th and E. Union Sts. Corona reported sunk, no lives lost.

Sunday January 30 1898
Went to Evang. Lutheran church in forenoon to temperance lecture in afternoon to Plymouth church in eve. with Mr Wise all day. Alki came in at night.

Monday January 31 1898
Spent day buying goods, Got tickets for sailing on Noyo Feb 9 - 98 Wrote Laura


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