Klondike Diary 1898-1899
Robert Hunter McCreary
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Tuesday February 1 1898
Spent this and the following days buying goods and getting ready to start.

Thursday February 10 1898
Sailed from Seattle for Fort Wrangle on Steamer Noyo, 151 passengers aboard, left 6:50 PM

Friday February 11 1898
On board ship passing through some low mountains, rained all day.

Saturday February 12 1898
Fine clear day but cold, channel narrow but deep, many ducks, caught in snow storm at 9 PM Anchored until day light Sunday. Passed mission "Bella Bella".

Sunday February 13 1898
Passing through beautiful scenery high mountains covered with scrubby timber (Fir & Pine). Peaks all snow capped. Came up to wrecked steamer Corona at 4 PM Wet day weather became thick, lowered anchor opposite Corona could see lights on island, stayed at anchor until day light.

Monday February 14 1898
Raised anchor 7 oclock, weather fine, passing Catch Kan took two Indian pasengers on board for Wrangle (5:30 oclock) calm sea crossing "Dixsons Entrance".

Tuesday February 15 1898
Arrived at Wrangle 4 AM daylight 7:30 AM landing at new wharf 9 AM got a room for 3 of us at $5.00 per week from Mr Taylor. Noyo left at 12:20 for Juneau, dark at 5:30.

Wednesday February 16 1898
Saw a great pile of halibut at wharf, saw totem poles.

Thursday February 17 1898
Making inquiry and about town all day. Letter from Ed & F. Ray.

Friday February 18 1898
Got favorable report from Capt. [Tourance] about condition of Run and trails, expect to start on Monday.

Thursday February 24 1898
Alki came from Seattle with mail, laundry in evening.

Friday February 25 1898
Went on Taylors boat Barondoff near mouth of river run on sand bar, had to come back. Will and Fred went on "Dispatch" had to stay over night. Got five good long letters from home, two from Mumma, one from May, and two from Harry answering all in one letter.

Saturday February 26 1898
Boys not back yet, came back in evening at 5 oclock.

Sunday February 27 1898
Went to Church morning & evening, Y.M.C.A. at 4 oclock in eve, met Gilmour at Restaurant.

Monday February 28 1898
Spent day packing up getting ready to start.


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