Klondike Diary 1898-1899
Robert Hunter McCreary
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Tuesday March 1 1898
Spent day fixing goods.

Wednesday March 2 1898
Moved all our goods out on D & McKinnin dock loading on boat at 7 PM. Left dock at 3 AM arrived at river at daylight. Thursday morning letters Harry [Getta] & Ed.

Thursday March 3 1898
Laundry at river pitched tent moved goods into it. Heard US had declared war on Spain.

Friday March 4 1898
Moved goods two and 1/2 miles. Sent letter to Laura, Mr Brown took it to Wrangel to mail.

Saturday March 5 1898
Trail bad on account of soft weather rain & snow all day. Mr Knapp not well, done no work.

Sunday March 6 1898
Spent quietly in camp no work.

Monday March 7 1898
Started at 2 oclock in morning moved 5 miles up river and pitched camp on right bank, brought up 3 loads of goods, snow storm all afternoon, very hard pulling. Thermometer 45% above.

Tuesday March 8 1898
Ther. 30 above, too much snow on trail in morning, no sledding, cut wood, brought up two loads, took until after dark.

Wednesday March 9 1898
Ther 35% above, brought up all goods to camp 6 miles, trail very bad, snow soft, rain & snow all morning, met 3 men going back, too wet to work in afternoon. Wrote Laura.

Thursday March 10 1898
Ther. 30 above. Weather very bad. No work, too much rain, trail very slushy and bad.

Friday March 11 1898
Weather still bad, hauled one load of goods in morning, moved all the rest up two miles, met a man going out, sent Lauras letter to be mailed.

Saturday March 12 1898
Soft and raining. Broke camp at 11 AM trail very slushy and bad, reached new camping place opposite 10 mile point at 5 PM, no dinner, hard tack, sardines & fruit cake for supper, no fire wood all wet.

Sunday March 13 1898
Got dry wood, snowed very hard all day, did not work. Thermometer got broke by being left on coffee pot, in moving then set on [back] of stove.

Monday March 14 1898
Weather clear and beautiful brought up all the goods but one trip to camp, trail in good shape.

Tuesday March 15 1898
Beautiful clear day, sun hot, trail fair, worked on getting goods three miles above camp.

Wednesday March 16 1898
Moved camp to 16 mile point, weather clear, trail bad, badly cut and bumpy.

Thursday March 17 1898
Got up at midnight, trail good, weather clear and cold, hauled 3 loads 500 pounds each my self until dinner time, one load of 300 pounds after dinner. Knapp went back to Wrangle after a horse in afternoon.

Friday March 18 1898
Rose at 10 AM very windy, Wise and I brought up rest of goods to camp, began raining at 4 PM, strong wind broke center pole in tent, decided to move, moved camp above 16 mile point to a place sheltered from the wind, rained all night. St. Patricks day.

Saturday March 19 1898
Spent all day fixing up camp, leveled floor, put in thick floor of spruce, put up clothes line and got enough dry wood to last a week, best camp since we started. A fellow from Indian Territory, Beldin by name stopped for dinner, expect to move goods at least 5 miles further before breaking camp.

Sunday March 20 1898
Spent quietly in camp, no work.

Monday March 21 1898
Worked all day hauling goods five miles further up river, prospect good for placer work on right bank of river just above 16 mile point.

Tuesday March 22 1898
No work in forenoon, rain and snow, rain in afternoon. Will was sick.

Wednesday March 23 1898
Fred returned with a Jersey Ox "Dick", cost all told $40.00 each. Finished taking goods five miles above camp. Fred brought me a letter from Wrangel from Laura of Feb 27th.

Thursday March 24 1898
Broke camp and moved to within three miles of the line. Traveled 14 miles, all very tired, wind broke center pole, got no breakfast, eat cold beans for dinner, had a good hot supper at 7:30 PM corn cakes, bacon, stewed onions, rolled oats, chocolate, had a man sleep with us, from Telegraph Creek, sent letter with him to Wrangel for Laura.

Friday March 25 1898
Hauled 1800 pounds with ox 9 miles, boys hauled with sleds.

Saturday March 26 1898
Drove ox, got caught in snow storm, stuck in drift with 1800 pounds, very stormy, trail blew full of snow, unloaded half of goods. Four miles from line, pulled through to line, arrived 5 PM, had started 5 AM, nothing to eat until evening, boys moved camp to line.


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