Klondike Diary 1898-1899
Robert Hunter McCreary
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Saturday April 2 1898
Hauling goods with ox, Will baked, trail very slushy and bad, raining nearly all day.

Sunday April 3 1898
Ox shoulders terribly swollen, could not work. Had to get goods over ice bridge before it went, work necessary, first work on Sunday.

Monday April 4 1898
Rained nearly all day, moved tent to point beyond ice bridge & rapids, got through at 9 PM.

Tuesday April 5 1898
Hauled up last load of goods from 3 miles above line, started 6 AM, got back at midnight 12:20, having covered 24 miles.

Wednesday April 6 1898
Hauled one trip 2 1/2 hours above camp in forenoon, rained all afternoon, worked all afternoon on bellows.

Thursday April 7 1898
Hauled goods in forenoon, got chance and sent letter to Laura to be mailed at Seattle, hauled in afternoon, finished bellows in evening, made a good job.

Friday April 8 1898
Moved camp from hot springs 5 hours above, just got over bad place in ice in time as it begun breaking up when we got over.

Saturday April 9 1898
Hauled goods up to camp in forenoon Mr Herbert helping. Hauled same goods to beginning of bad road, about 1 1/2 miles above camp in afternoon.

Sunday April 10 1898
Easter. Beefsteak for dinner & supper. Knapp hauled one load over bad place with ox, rained and snowed all day.

Monday April 11 1898
Moved camp over first bad roads, unloaded and brought all goods over to same place, had to make about 200 yds of new trail and hauled all over it by hand. Loaded up camp outfit and reached [] tent camp at dark 8:15 oclock. Sled broke through but got it pulled out all right (10 ft of water).

Tuesday April 12 1898
Got help and brought up all provisions by hand, not safe to use ox.

Wednesday April 13 1898
Shoveled snow all forenoon, Fred and I went after rest of hay 500 pounds in afternoon, sled broke through twice, getting off river at camp, over thirty five ft of water.

Thursday April 14 1898
Cut spruce for under tent in forenoon, mail carrier came down from Telegraph, wrote to Laura, moved tent and camp in afternoon.

Friday April 15 1898
Moved goods up from river to tent in forenoon, shoveled snow from in front of tent, cut poles for ladder in eve.

Saturday April 16 1898
Cut bark in forenoon and wood in afternoon.

Sunday April 17 1898
Had neuralgia bad in head, got up at 2 PM. Will and Herbert went to top of mountain, brought back sample of ore. Herbert, Cobb, Will and I sang all eve.

Monday April 18 1898
Fred and I fell tree for wood, cut big tree for boat lumber, dug pit, cut skids etc, busy at it all day, made good progress, tree will square 18 in. Fished a few minutes at dinner time and an hour in eve, would not bite.

Tuesday April 19 1898
Whipsawed all day on top of log, very hard work, arms and hip joints very sore. Killed "Dick" Ox in afternoon.

Wednesday April 20 1898
Whipsawed all day.

Thursday April 21 1898
Friday April 22 1898
Whipsawed both days, got slab off, started on board.

Saturday April 23 1898
Sawed all day, got off first board, and sawed half another one, got a good board. Weather very fine all week, sun bright and hot, musquitos very thick, annoyed the boys very much, have not bothered me yet.

Sunday April 24 1898
No work, Fred and I took a walk, brought back samples of ore.

Monday April 25 1898
Tuesday April 26 1898
Wednesday April 27 1898
Thursday April 28 1898
Friday April 29 1898
Saturday April 30 1898
Whipsawing, weather fine.


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