How to Find Your Man

[your man]

How to Win Him - How to Hold Him
by Joe Bonomo

Are you feminine in the best sense of the word. . . in the way a fellow uses the word? You've a good start if you can answer 'yes' to these! An even better start if that's every day. . . not just when you have a date. Remember, you never can tell who's looking!

Somewhere, right this very moment, Your Man is waiting for you . . . and perhaps, even looking for you!

And, someday, you'll open a door and he'll be on the other side of it . . . or he'll simply stroll into your office. Someone may say, "Miss Smith, this is Mr. Jones," . . . and you'll know the minute you feel your hand in his that this is the One!

Probably you'll just as suddenly look into a pair of eyes that crinkle when they smile . . . and you'll know. He may be someone you've seen around for a long time . . . at the office, in the drugstore, at the noon lunch counter . . . or at your girl friend's home. Again, he may be someone entirely new. Love has no hard and fast rules.

Yes, no rules . . . but love does have its guide-posts along the way. I'm going to point them out to you. One of them should lead the way straight into the arms of your Prince Charming . . . the man you have dreamed of meeting . . . and loving . . . and wanting as your mate for the rest of your life.

In your hands, right now, you have a pocket manual that holds the answer . . . the golden key . . . for you and your future. It will tell you how and when, where and Who!

Today, girls know it's smart to know what they want. They know, too, how to go after it and get it . . . that is, everything but men! Somehow, they expect their Prince Charming to come looking for them with the Glass Slipper in their hand . . . so what happens? They sit home, by the fire, waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.

Don't let another moment go to waste sitting by the fire . . . or wherever else you're sitting. Make up your mind, now that you have this pocket manual in your hands, that you are going to do something about finding Your Man . . . and the right Your Man! Start reading this informative manual . . . and then, put things into immediate action. Shift your gears into immediate action. Shift your gears into high . . . and you'll find new popularity . . . and happiness with Your Man.

Fat girls, thin girls, pretty girls and homely girls . . . as long as they are single they work every day for the degree of "Mrs." . . . and most of them manage to win it. You can, too. It's up to you!

Here you have it . . . the "Ten Steps To The Altar" . . . so, let's go!

Joe Bonomo