How to Beautify Your Bust Contour

[bust contour]

The New Bonomo Beauty Ritual
created by Joe Bonomo

Every woman longs to see the light of admiration in men's eyes. It is her natural heritage to attract, and delight in the attentions of the opposite sex. Without this recognition, she is really only half-alive. It is my contention that most women can be lovely and captivating. A rich, full life is within their reach if only they will lift a hand to receive it.

Many a flat-chested, ungainly gal has blossomed forth a ravishing Hollywood beauty after conscientious work on a self-improvement program. If they can... you can, too. Don't let indifference and lack of interest deprive you of one of women's greatest assets. Do your ritual exercises exactly in the order given... and do them the way I would expect you to do them if I were standing nearby watching.

And, when you've been rewarded for your work... and you are the envy of all your friends, don't just relax and forget the whole thing. Remain beautiful! Keep your bust firm and lovely.