How to Wear Your Hair

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Increase Your Glamour and Charm
by Joe Bonomo

Man has always considered woman's hair one of her loveliest assets. It was used to lure and trap him early in civilization's history. Man's concepts of womanly attractiveness have changed little through the centuries. He still regards a woman's hair as her crowning glory.

He will always thrill to the look and feel of it. With more potential than ever for irresistable hair appeal... with the gifts of modern devices and artifices to assist... no woman today has an excuse for not making the most of her hair.

Promise to use this wealth of information to add to your own hair beauty. Never for a moment forget that femininity and lovely hair go hand in hand... and no woman is too young or too old to capitalize on it. A change in your hair style, for the better, can do more for your beauty and charm than all the powder and paint in the world! Now, get going!