Simplify Your Housekeeping


Save Time - Save Money - Save Energy
by Joe Bonomo

You weren't designed to be a robot to a stove, a sink, and a scrub board. You were gifted with a brain and creative imagination. Use them to regulate your house management. Systematize, so you will have time to fulfill your greater destiny... whether it's growing of a rose, the guiding of a new life, or the creation of a work of art. If you've ever admired your next-door-neighbor and wondered how she managed to have so much leisure time on her hands... remember she manages it in one of two ways. Either her house is topsy-tossed and tainted and there's no doubt in your mind as to how she does it... OR she has a system... a secret of short-cuts... she knows how to simplify!

Remember there's a whole new wonderful life waiting for you... those hobbies you haven't had time for... the night-school class you've been wanting to attend... the square dancing, the bowling... all waiting for you!