The Fascinating Game of Finance


Starting the Game

Players should not try to learn too much from the rule book before playing. Very little need be remembered in order to play, and the learning comes quite easily from playing a single game. For beginners to play a satisfactory game, they need only refer to the following:

  1. Each player take $1,000 to start.

  2. Take $250 every time around the board.

  3. Men line up in space marked Start and move clockwise according to players' dice.

  4. At the corners play only on inside triangular spaces.

  5. When man stops on Community Chest, cut green cards and pay Bank.

  6. On Chance, cut a red card and do as directed.

  7. Taxes - pay Bank $20. Luxury - pay Bank $75.

  8. Auction spaces with proper names when stopped on for first time.

  9. Owners build houses and collect higher rents.

  10. When you cannot pay a rent, retire.

Properly speaking, there are few "rules" to Finance. Certain customs are given here which have been found to work well in playing, but players need not at first actually know and follow them all to play an interesting game.


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