The Fascinating Game of Finance

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To the Auctioneer

When any piece of property is put up for sale, the Auctioneer must announce whether it is the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd piece in that series to be auctioned. No player may volunteer information concerning who has bought which properties.

When the bidding is in process, the Auctioneer should call each raise three times unless the price is again raised before he can do so. For instance, he should say, "Going once for $305. Going twice for $305. And sold for $305." The word "and" should be distinctly prolonged to allow for last-minute bidding.

Bids are always raised by a minimum of $5 because odd dollar raises simply prolong the process unnecessarily.

The Auctioneer may sell the last 3 or 4 properites without waiting for them to be stopped on if their non-sale delays the game. Do not sell all at one time. Sell the lowest number first.



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