The Fascinating Game of Finance

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Suggestions for Experienced Players

JAIL INSURANCE. Players may insure against going to Jail by paying $25 to the Bank on approaching the "Go to Jail" corner. The $25 must be paid before throwing the dice. If the player's man falls short of the corner, he must pay another $25 if he wishes to insure on his next turn. $5 insures against going to Jail by a Chance card.

HOUSE OWNERS. A house owner cannot insure against Jail.

A player with 3 or more houses on one property cannot "languish" in Jail, but must come out on his first turn. He gets choice of three throws of the dice, all taken on the same turn. Each throw cancels opportunity to use the previous one.

A house owner cannot buy or take in trade property of which he does not already own at least one in the same series.

PAUPERS. A player cannot be put out of the game by a debt to the Bank. If all his property is mortgaged and he has less that $100 in cash, all payments resulting from Chance, Community Chest, Taxes, etc., are reversed in his favor.

FORGETTERS. If a player forgets to collect his $250 on the turn in which he completes the circuit of the board, he forfeits his right to collect it at all on that trip around.

If a player forgets to collect a rent or strike off a free ride, he forfeits the right to do so the moment the debtor moves his man away legitimately.

DOUBLE RENT. A player owning a complete series unmortgaged and without houses may collect double the regular rent.

SOMETIMES. Sometimes when a player is put out, only his completed series are withdrawn from the game. His odd property is auctioned again as before. This must be agreed to in advance.

UTILITY DEALS. If two or more players are splitting a full utility income, one player must actually hold all the leases. After the deal the leases cannot again change hands. The holding owner must guarantee his partner's income even if he mortgages his partner's leases. The latter forfeits his right to mortgage the leases handed over. If the holding owner is put out, all the leases go with him. If the partner is put out, the holding owner becomes full owner.

FREE RIDES. Property sellers often ask for "free rides" in compensation for less cash. A free ride is the privilege of stopping on a property without paying rent. Although a player may sell only one property in a series, his free rides are good on the entire series unless otherwise stated for special reasons.

Usually not more than 3 free rides are asked or given on ony one series, and practically never more than 5.


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