The Fascinating Game of Finance

[wall street]

Property Groups

A property owner may increase his rents by building houses. He must own all the properties in one series before he is permitted to build. These series groups are:

WaybackGreen $50
RubevilleGreen $50

Sylvan DellRed $70
Venetian LagoonRed $70
Ye Olde ManorRed $70

BoomtownOrange $100
Rickety RowOrange $100
Easy StreetOrange $100

Goldberg SquareRed $110
Epstein RoadRed $110
Cohen BoulevardRed $110

Maguire StreetGreen $140
DeLancey StreetGreen $140
O'Leary AvenueGreen $140

Main LineOrange $150
Chevy ChaseOrange $150
Grosse PointOrange $150

Commonwealth Ave.Green $170
BroadwayGreen $170
Rittenhouse SquareGreen $170

Wall StreetGray $100
LaSalle StreetGray $100

The cost of each house is given above and also on the board opposite each property. The owner of a complete series, upon paying this amount to the Bank, may place a wooden house on any one of the property spaces in that series.

Public Utility Series

Houses cannot be built on these series, but income increases with the number of leases held.

Pennsylvania R.R.Blue
New York Central R.R.Blue
Southern Pacific R.R.Blue
Santa Fe R.R.Blue

A.P.& L.Gray