The Fascinating Game of Finance

[low rent]

Low Rent
with comparison to Parker Brothers Monopoly

This first side of the board matches the familiar purples and blues, Mediterranean through Connecticut. The slum district is Wayback and Rubeville separated by Community Chest exactly as Mediterranean and Baltic are on the Monopoly board. 10% Tariff is the same as 10% Income Tax and the Pennsylvania Railroad is at the center just as Reading Railroad. Sylvan Dell, Venetian Lagoon, and Ye Olde Manor keep the same position as Oriental, Vermont, and Connecticut. The Chance square is at the seventh space on both boards.

Rents and prices are comparable but not the same. The closest matching rents are at the first property, Wayback and Mediterranean as shown in this table. Generally, Finance rents and prices progress more slowly around the board.

1 House
2 Houses
3 Houses
4 Houses
5 Houses

In Monopoly, the first two properties of a three color group share the same rents and price, the third property rents higher and costs more. In Finance, rents at the last two properties of a series are the same and less at the first property. Finance property prices are always the same in a series. Property cards are shown 20% larger than actual size.

[sylvan dell]

[venetian lagoon] [ye olde manor]


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