From Rags to Riches

Monopoly History

It all started back in 1933 when Charles B. Darrow of Germantown,Pennsylvania was inspired by The Landlord's Game to create anew diversion to entertain himself while he was unemployed.

Fascinated by his game's allure of fame and fortune, Darrowdeveloped and pitched the game to Parker Brothers, who initiallyrejected it citing "52 fundamental errors." Amongthem, the fact that the general public would have difficulty graspingthe real estate concept, as well as the potentially unlimited lengthof game play.

Darrow, who had complete faith in the game, began producingMonopoly game sets with the help of a friend who was a printer. Afterselling 5,000 units to Wanamaker Department Stores, the game began togain popularity. And then, demand grew wildly.

In 1935, Parker Brothers came back to Darrow and bought the gameoutright, giving Darrow royalties on all games sold. At the ripe oldage of 46, Charles Darrow became a millionaire and made a new careerout of retirement.

To secure patents and copyrights, Parker Brothers also bought,developed and published The Landlord's Game, Finance, Fortune,as well as Finance and Fortune. And the rest is history.