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Chance & Community Chest

Older cards are typeset and appear more nearly homemade. The familiar orange and yellow colors are there but some of the older cards have disappeared and some have changed. Two moved from the Chance deck to Community Chest. As on property deeds, early versions of Monopoly used the complete decimal notation of dollars and cents.

Pay Poor Tax of $12.00Changed to $15
Parking Fine $15.00Discarded
Pay School Tax of $150.00Now Community Chest
You are Assessed for Street RepairsNow Community Chest
Community Chest
Go Back to Baltic AvenueDiscarded
We're Off the Gold Standard Collect $50.00Discarded
Pay a $10.00 Fine or Take a "Chance"Discarded
Pay Your Insurance Premium $50.00Discarded
Second Prize in a Beauty Contest Collect $11.00Changed to $10

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These cards not in the earlier game were added by Parker Brothers to their version copyright 1936.

Advance Token To Nearest Railroad
Advance Token To Nearest Utility
Pay Each Player $50
Community Chest
XMAS Fund Matures Collect $100
Collect $50 From Every Player