1934 Rules

THE PACKAGE CONTAINS a board showing streets, railroads, utilities, Chance and Community Chest, and Penalty spaces. Two Dice. Thrity-two wooden houses. Twelve hotels. Title Cards for every property, and sufficient scrip for six players.

IN MONOPOLY each player triest to invest 1500 scrip dollars to such good advantage that all other players are forced out of the game. A player who has lost his money is bankrupt and leaves the game.

SET UP YOUR MONOPOLY board on any convenient table, place COMMUNITY CHEST and CHANCE cards face down on their allotted places inside the squares, see that each player is provided with some TOKEN (Key, Ring, etc.) to represent him in his travels around the board, and give each participant 1500 scrip dollars in the following distribution: one 500, five 100s, five 50s, five 20s, ten 10s, eight 5s and ten 1s. If more than six desire to play, give each player 1000 scrip and a bank credit of 500 scrip. Any number of people can play. Four to nine seem to be the best number.

THE MONOPOLY BANK is a community affair; any one player can act as BANKER, keeping his personal funds separate, collecting fines, paying premiums, auctioning properties, allowing mortgages and selling houses, etc., for the BANK. We suggest a player be selected as BANKER who has a good sense of humor and who is a good auctioneer.

STARTING WITH THE BANKER each player in turn throws the dice. The player with the largest total has the honor of starting play.

THE STARTING PLAYER places his TOKEN on the corner marked "GO" throws the dice and moves the TOKEN in the direction of the ARROW the number of spaces equal to the total of the numbers exposed on the dice. After he has completed his play, the player to his left takes the dice and plays in a like manner. The TOKENS remain on the spaces occupied and proceed from that point when the dice come around to the player again. As each player passes "GO" he receives 200 scrip from the BANK as salary. Throwing doubles, retain dice and throw again.

LANDING ON JAIL is not a penalty unless the player has been sent there from the corner marked "GO TO JAIL," receives a card saying "GO TO JAIL" or throws doubles three times in a succession. Once in jail, a player is compelled to come out free if he throws doubles, otherwise he has the option of staying in his cell until his third turn with the dice, or purchasing a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card from another player (unless he has already drawn such a card from CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST) or paying a $50.00 fine to get out. He must come out with his third turn of the dice after his sentence and pay fine of $50.00.

LANDING ON CHANCE OR COMMUNITY CHEST the player takes the top card from the deck indicated and after following the instructions printed thereon, returns the card face down at the bottom of its deck. The only exception is in the case of "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" cards which are retained until used. These may be sold to other players. All bonuses are paid by the BANK and all penalties paid to the bank.

LANDING ON TAX SPACES, pay the BANK. INCOME TAX is 10 per cent of your total worth. It is figured on CASH ON HAND, MORTGAGE VALUE of properites, mortgaged or not and Cost Price of any buildings you may have.

LANDING ON UNOWNED PROPERTY give the player the OPTION to buy that property from the BANK at twice its MORTGAGE VALUE. If the player declines this option, the BANKER will offer the property for sale at PUBLIC AUCTION, and sell it to the highest bidder, accepting scrip in payment and giving the buyer a TITLE CARD as evidence of ownership.

LANDING ON OWNED PROPERTY the owner collects his rent in accordance to the list printed on the TITLE CARD. If the property is MORTGAGED no rent can be collected. If the owner fails to ask for his rent before the dice change hands twice, the debt is uncollectable.

RENTALS are printed on the face of all TITLE CARDS. In case of Real Estate, the rents increase as buildings are erected. Hotels are the equivalent of the fifth house and when the bank sells a hotel the four houses are returned to it together with the fee for the hotel.

HOUSES AND HOTELS can be bought only from the BANK, and at the price stipulated on the TITLE CARDS. In financial difficulties they can be sold to the BANK only and at one half the PURCHASE PRICE. Houses can not be built until the player has a complete set of one color group in real estate. Owning a complete color group doubles the rent of unimproved parcels. (See Title Card.) Parcels in a color group must be improved evenly; for example, owning Baltic and Mediterranean Aves., one house may be put on either property, and the other will collect double rent, but the next house bought must go on the unimproved lot and so forth.

MORTGAGING PROPERTIES can be done throught the BANK only. The Mortgage value is printed on each TITLE CARD. The rate of interest is 10 per cent payable when the mortgage is lifted. Properties can only be transferred free of MORTGAGE, otherwise the new owner must lift the mortgage or pay up the interest fee and let the mortgage stay on the property, paying another interest fee if they lift the mortgage at a later date. Title Cards of Mortgaged property must be kept face down, and no rents may be collected until mortgage is lifted. All buildings must be sold before any property can be mortgaged or transferred. No one but the BANK can lend money.


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