New York Evening Post
Jan 23 1861

We warn the Louisianians and Mississippians that if they persist in their senseless folly, the upshot of the southwestern secession will be much more serious to themselves than that of South Carolina is likely to be. The West will take the remedy in its own hands, President or no President. Mr. Buchanan may tamper as he pleases with the traitors in Charleston and Savannah. He may permit the public property to be seized and held by rebels. But the West will never ask his consent to rid itself of an obstruction which threatens to arrest its very life-currents. Years ago, when the Spanish dominion was established in the southwest, the people of the valley of the Mississippi were ready to fly to arms to secure the free navigation of their river; and now, when the population of the Northwest exceeds that of all the slave states, they are more than ever ready to fight.