Boston Daily Courier
Dec 18 1860

The election-returns have disclosed the strange fact, that, although over nine hundred thousand in the minority, in the popular vote, yet that the Republicans have the control of the government; and some of them propose coercing the people and the States into a submission to the odious principles of their platform, which has been, by nearly a million majority, protested against by the popular vote.

War with the South may suit the West, who have neither commerce nor manufactures to suffer, and who may ship their pork as well East as South. It may also be very agreeable to the West to cut off Southern farmers from competing with them in the monopoly, by land grants to railroads, and homestead grants, of all the public territories; but we cannot see what profit all this is to bring Massachusetts. The whole programme of war seems intended to make Massachusetts foot most of the bills and suffer most of the losses.