Martial Law in All the States
Secretary of War

Orders of the Secretary of War, Promulgated September 26, 1862.

First. There shall be a Provost Marshal General of the War Department, whose headquarters will be at Washington, and who will have the immediate supervision, control, and management of the corps.

Second. There will be appointed, in each State, one or more special Provost Marshals, as necessity may require, who will report and receive instructions and orders from the Provost Marshal General of the War Department.

Third. It will be the duty of the special Provost Marshal to arrest all deserters, whether regulars, volunteers, or militia, and send them to the nearest military commander or military post, where they can be cared for and sent to their respective regiments; to arrest, upon the warrant of the Judge Advocate, all disloyal persons subject to arrest under the orders of the War Department; to inquire into and report treasonable practices, seize stolen or embezzled property of the Government, detect spies of the enemy, and perform such other duties as may be enjoined upon them by the War Department, and report all their proceedings promptly to the Provost Marshal General.

Fourth. To enable special Provost Marshals to discharge their duties efficiently, they are authorized to call upon any available military force within their respective districts, constables, sheriffs, or police officers, so far as may be necessary, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Provost Marshal General of the War Department, with the approval of the Secretary of War.

Fifth. Necessary expenses incurred in this service will be paid in duplicate bills, certified by the special Provost Marshal, stating time and nature of service, after examination and approval by the Provost Marshal General.

Sixth. The compensation of special Provost Marshals shall be _____ dollars per month; and actual travelling expenses and postage will be refunded, on bills certified under oath and approved by the Provost Marshal General.

Seventh. All appointments in this service will be subject to be revoked at the pleasure of the Secretary of War.

Eighth. All orders heretofore issued by the War Department, conferring authority upon other officers to act as Provost Marshals, except those who receive special commissions from the War Department, are hereby revoked.

By order of the Secretary of War.
L. Thomas, Adjutant General.


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